Customer centricity in the Digital era.

Ever since the age of bartering, sellers have propounded in one way or the other that customers are at the center of the way they do business. As we embrace the #Digital age I hear more and more business leaders use this phrase.

The trouble with over used phrases is that they lose meaning and nuance and start getting used in plebian circumstances instead of profound ones.

In the #Digital age customer being at the center of business universe is neither a profundity nor a statement of jntent but a realization that without customer preference determined processes and interaction mechanisms the business could be dead. If business leaders start saying that their business processes are determined by customer preferences one begins to perhaps appreciate better what customer centricity means in this age.

The customer is increasingly pulling your service and us pushing our service to the customer is having limited takers. In a customer pull based world being centered on the customer means to not only be solving a need but being convenient in what and how we offer our services to the customer.

For e.g. if you were a bank wouldn’t you want to redesign yoir business processes to help me save money? Because of #Digital technologies now you can but you need to start with me and my behaviour first.


Where are the children now?

It is time someone thought of the mothers. It is time. Killing and torturing children is barbaric and heinous. You don’t allow this. You just dont. Mothers you don’t deserve this.

We need to stop associating terrorism with religion, creed or country. Don’t confuse it. Don’t use a convenient phrase. Dont dignify these butchers of innocence. Lets just disassociate them with the identity they are so intent on using & raping.

It’s an advert and we are giving the branding that attracts more misguided youth. You cant control the Internet but we can provide an alternate language right from the root.

Let the world collectively decide to call them Heretic Terrorists. This is not the first time this has happened neither is it going to be the last. It doesn’t matter which religion they claim to be butchering for. All of them are heretics in the collective senses of the world.

The children are with God. Only God can repair their souls and their innocence. But what of the mothers?

#Peshawar #HereticTerrorism